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Palomar Star Lux 300
Ideally referred to as one of the finest StarLux Platform, the innovative Palomar Star Lux 300 offers the fastest treatments and acknowledgeable satisfying features. Palomar Star Lux 300 is multi-purpose equipment which allows you to attach a variety of treatment specific hand pieces to the base unit. ...
Asclepion Medio Star "Next"
Asclepion Medio Star "Next" is an innovative technology for laser services. The equipment offers the fastest treatment programs and other satisfying features. A multi-purpose technology as it is, Asclepion Medio Star "Next" provides ideal cosmetic solutions associated to lasers in an effective manner. ...
The Tool Behind the Talent ®
Liposuction remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments worldwide, and will continue to grow as technologies are developed that offer consistent results with improved patient experience. Patients who say they would have never considered traditional ...

Why Aspire?

The best medical technology boasts an expensive price tag on its head which significantly delimits its merits to luxury people who can afford it at any given cost. But in the wake of contemporary development, when most people have access to lucrative financial options, an approach to the finest medical technology must become flexible and practical to everyone.

We ‘aspire’ to provide innovative medical professionals with the best medical technology at affordable features. Aspire is evolved to pursue an aim both integrative and medically viable. Our aspiration helps improve both results and performance of the medical professionals.

We pioneer pay-per-use feature on our medical equipments that eliminates the gap between medical professionals and their approach to a fine treatment. Our services ensure luxury treatments void of financial concerns and associated features.

Aspire: A Center for Cosmetic Technology Rentals

  • “Aspire” rentals take the burden off from your shoulders of owning expensive technology to be able to offer the finest cosmetic treatments. You can simply rent them to your advantages.
  • “Aspire” represents latest cosmetic laser technologies in the inventory to help clients always be competent with the cosmetic treatment.
  • With our range of cosmetic equipments, you are relieved of hidden costs that are associated to consumable, upgrades, and maintenance.
  • Equipment obsolescence and depreciation is no longer a concern. Aspire assumes all the equipment risk.
  • Our clients don’t have to pay extra costs for repair, service contracts, and maintenance. Our professional technicians service the lasers regularly.
  • Our programs will help you peek into contemporary laser aesthetics that are in demand, financially rewarding, and satisfactory.
  • The risk of under-utilization is removed. “Aspire” offers affordable and flexible rental options.