About us

“Best Hands Need the Best tools to Give Best Result”. However, best technology (tools) attracts a cost which is not always financially viable. Aspire has been formed with the primary objective to cater to the needs of forward looking medical professionals, who yearn to offer the most advanced technology to their clients, enhancing the results and eventually their experience with the treatment.

Aspire inspires to bring about cosmetic medical services that are both effective and approachable to our clients. We highly acknowledge the kind of financial stress that surrounds our clients while bringing cosmetic services to a practical phase. By simply undergoing the process, we’ve received a collection of factors that have always made cosmetic medical procedure a possession of luxury clients. Our ambition is simply to erase existing complications in the cosmetic treatment industry by providing affordable solutions to make the jobs of our clients stress free and feasible.

Aspire introduces a revolutionary pay-per-use model with various medical equipments, mitigating all previous reasons for a medical professional to not be able to offer the best to their clients. Aspire adopts a very strict selection process for selection of technology before offering it to its set of esteemed clients. A thorough study is conducted to vouch for the results and more importantly the safety of clients of its clients.

The model created at Aspire ensures a maximizing of value derived from the time and effort employed by the medical professional in the form of additional marketing support extended before the medical professional begins their experience with Aspire.

Aspire exerts its nation wide presence by offering USA FDA approved technologies like the Palomar StarLux 300 platform along with Lux1540 (Fractional Er:Glass for Acne Scars, Stretch Marks and Rejuvenation) and Palomar LuxRS (IPL for Hair Removal), Asclepion MedioStar “NeXT” (Diode Laser for Hair Removal), Ultrashape (Non-Invasive Destruction of Fat for contouring) and Vaser LipoSelection (IIIrd Generation Ultrasound assisted High Definition liposelection) to Doctors, Medical Institutions and Corporate entities. At Aspire we yearn to be the link between you and your client as a solution provider, helping you set newer benchmarks for an uniform growth of the industry.

Aspire: Your Laser Rental Provider

  • Cosmetic lasers are expensive .seem to be in a constant state of flux. Our inventory is constantly being updated to provide you and your patients the latest in laser technology.
  • Aspire rentals relieve you of the long term financial commitment of equipment ownership, and free you of the hidden costs associated with consumables, upgrades, and maintenance.
  • Equipment obsolescence and depreciation is no longer a concern. Aspire assumes all the equipment risk.
  • Repair costs, service contracts, and maintenance issues disappear. Aspire service technicians continually service and maintain the lasers so you have no down-time and pay no additional costs.
  • Aspire’s rental program allows you to evaluate and determine what laser aesthetics are in demand, financially rewarding, and personally satisfying before purchasing.
  • The risk of under-utilization is removed. Aspire offers affordable and flexible rental options.