Vaser is the most exciting develpment in body contouring in recent times. Safe for the patient, wonderful for the surgeon, this is my choice today for all liposuction procedures

Dr. Amit Gupta

I am satisfied with the results of Palomar in acne scars as well as in hair removal though my experience with hair removal is of very short duration

Dr. Sanjeev Kandhari

I would like to state that thanks to your recommendation I went ahead with the vaser treatment on my stomach in June 2010.Prior to my operation, I felt uncomfortable – both physically and mentally with the size of my stomach.

After the operation, I felt like a new person and had an entire wardrobe change!! My new look made me feel more confident and comfortable.

I have no hesitation in recommending this treatment to anyone.

Prabhjot Singh (Patient)

It’s been a wonderful and satisfying experience of about 1500 patients, using the state of art laser i.e. Palomar 1540 Erbium glass that has been used for various indication in our field of cosmetic-Dermatology. I specially use this in various type of acne scarring ,skin tightening, photo damage, wrinkles and now days, more entheusiastically in MELASMA patients with wider hand piece To add, I had a great experience using of IPL PALOMAR as a Hair Removal technology on almost 2500 patients. I found it a more technically sound n almost free from any side effects.

Dr. Deepak Sharma
Sr. consultant dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon
Fortis Escort Heart Institute

During my pregnancy, I put on weight on my hips and thighs. With dieting and exercise, I did lose weight but not from my lower body. It was very disheartening not to see any results. For me Vaser was the perfect solution. Not only did it help me get the body I was happy with but more importantly, the quick recovery time made sure I was still able to do my mommy duties.

Nisha Singh (Patient)